Getting cost information out of MP2

The usual method of cost management has been against cost centres rather than equipment, dating back to the days when only accountants had decent databases to provide the necessary detail. How we maintenance engineers got frustrated about the lack of equipment detail within those monthly accounts tabs, and then all the cross-referencing back to home-grown equipment databases!

Times move on, and with a professional maintenance database system like MP2, it is likely  that you have all the information that you need in the database.  If you are using the Purchasing module in MP2 and assigning costs to equipment,  you are probably also recording those costs against cost centres within MP2.  Unfortunately MP2 does not have any reporting mechanisms against cost centres (it is not intended as an accounting system after all).

The information is all in MP2, it just needs a little bit of internal organisation to draw it together in a form that can be easily queried. 

This sort of enhancement to MP2 is just one of our areas of expertise that we can help you with.



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